Well folks, the new Billy Blanks DVD's arrived today. That means you'll be seeing much less of me very soon. Literally. Pun intended even. At least I hope. The package even came with dog tags. One says "Spirit" the other says "Will Power". I suppose those will come in handy when I keel over after four hours of exercise videos.

I'm not sick anymore, which is good. The cold (or whatever it was) lasted from the minute I got home from work Friday night, until the minute I left for work Monday morning. Not fair.

While I'm at it, let me tell you an amusing story. I woke up one of my little bed-wetters this afternoon at nap, to prevent the obvious from happening. It took me several tries to wake him up, but he finally shuffled off towards the bathroom. Now, we have a large garbage can sitting near the bathroom door in the classroom. Little "T" walked straight to the garbage can, pulled down his pants, and if I hadn't been watching would have peed all over my floor. (The garbage can is much higher than his waist, to paint the picture a bit better.)

I immediately shouted "NO! Go to the bathroom! That's the garbage can!" and he turned, walked to the bathroom stall, and then attempted to turn on the light. (The switch, by the way, is on the bathroom wall, not inside the stall where Little "T" was searching...) After all was said and done, he was back on his bed, and the floor was still dry. Mission accomplished.


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