The Money Pit

This is where I live, or so it seems at any rate. You see, my roommates and I moved into this new apartment in the beginning of December 2004. Even though our apartment (one of two in the building) is completed, the downstairs apartment is not finished. Thus, we get to deal with contractors of all kinds romping through the building whenever they like.

This usually tends be on Saturday mornings at 7am with a stereo blaring the Spanish radio station so loud it sounds as if it's playing in my bedroom. Mutter.

The work on the entire building (including the hallway and stairwell restoration) was supposed to be complete no later than the first of the year. But every time we remind the landlord/electrician/contractors the month of the year, they reassure us not to worry. Everything will be finished in TWO WEEKS!

I am now looking over my shoulder, for I know that at any minute, the stairs are going to fall apart, the oven is going to explode and shoot a turkey across the apartment, and that the bathtub is going to fall through the floor.

If you hear me screaming "I'M IN THE DEN!!!" while talking to care bears, please come pull me out of the floor.


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