Another Friday come and gone. Another week come and gone as a matter of fact.

Nothing terribly exciting to report, unfortunately. I spent the week teaching my students nursery rhymes, complete with corresponding arts and crafts projects. Tomorrow is my coworkers birthday, so I made sure that the children "made" her a giant card with all of their names on it (as well as the names of the students from all the other classrooms). Then we got her carnations, and had the card and flowers waiting for her when she arrived at work this morning. She was thrilled. It's good to make people smile.

The weather has been exceptionally nice in the city this week as well. We got rid of the hot and humid summer weather that stretched through the beginning of August, and currently seem to be easing into a much more bearable fall climate. As I may have mentioned in previous years, fall suits me best. No sweltering, no freezing, just nice cool breezes and the smell of apple pies filling the air. Or is that only in my imagination?


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