Long time no post, I know. I apologize, but it's been a busy week in the land of Grace. Friday night through Tuesday morning was filled with fun and exciting adventures all over New York City. I played tour guide to my sister and her fiance, as the last post states, and we saw 25% of the things to see in NYC. You need a month to see everything, unfortunately. Possibly longer.

Work was no fun this week either. Petty arguments amongst the staff making teaching the children a difficult task. I've decided if this teaching thing doesn't work out, I'll never look to being a referee as a full time occupation.

At any rate, below you'll find some pictures from the NYC whirlwind tour. Enjoy!

AJ, Ashley, and Amy (Grace) riding on the subway.

Bronx Zoo tiger. It must be feeding time!

I love polar bears almost as much as tigers. This one was "chillin!" Literally.

This little monkey friend was in deep contemplation of the meaning of life, I think.

Love birds next to a rather disturbing statue. It's giving me the evil eye.

Top of the Empire State Building, looking down on lower Manhattan.


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