As promised, here I am again today. Monday went well, I must admit. I was up at 6am for no apparent reason, and at work by 8am. The children weren't whining (which is always a blessing), so I actually managed to accomplish a good lesson. Here's how the day looked:

800am - Tracing practice (Aa apple Bb bear Cc cat) and writing their names
900am - Snack (also time for me to check up on the children I sent to Kindergarten this morning and find out why the custodial staff set off bug bombs and didn't cover the supplies up, making me throw out every cup, napkin, and spoon in the classroom)
930am - Circle time (what we call our group lesson) Calendar review and how to correctly write the letters A and B! Yay.
1000am - Finish tracing practice and color fish pattern to introduce the week's theme (fish, of course)
1100am - Books and puzzles!
1130am - Prepare for lunch (IE wash hands, set tables, wash more hands, "stop touching your shoes!!" washing more hands sigh)
1200pm/230pm -Lunch and Nap time
230pm - Snack (most of which I spent picking up grapes off the floor, work those fine motor skills kids!)
300pm - Numeracy practice (The children went "fishing", each pulling a fish I made out of a bucket and counting the number of holes I'd punched in each one.)
330pm - Time for me to go home and what they did after that I have no idea.

Maybe Zann will be up for some parcheesi!


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