At a prompting from a friend, Devin, from way back, I've decided to make a better attempt at posting here more frequently. I've been a bit lazy the last few months. So here's what's been happening in my world.

I've begun playing with a timeframe for my return to Florida. Funny how odd the deciding factors have become. The first being the need to be back in the state for my brother's wedding in November. The second is found in the form of a certain Hall of Fame concert that I must attend the weekend before the wedding. (Congratulations Dr. Adams!! You'll finally get to do the concert your way!)

There are other aspects that are being taken into consideration as well, such as the amount of bull I can deal with at work before I snap, as well as a certain someone's important decision making due in September (but that's all I'll say about that for now.)

So all in all, it looks like the chances of me having a Floridian Christmas are better than average. And there will be much rejoicing and horseback riding! The only quesiton is, who's going to come and get me?? Father/brother? Jason/Alex? I'm taking applications.

In other news, I've been completely engrossed in reading the last two weeks. So far I've gone through five books. I finished Ruled Britania by Harry Turtledove, A Spell for Chameleon by Piers Anthony, and then I finally started on the J.K. Rowling Harry Potter books (finishing the third one currently).

That's about it for now. More news tomorrow perhaps.


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