What do you do with a child who won't listen or follow directions? Tickle them into submission! Blaze (who recently turned four-years-old) learned the hard way today. I called him to come so I could tie his shoes, he starred like I had eight heads. Again I called, "Blaze, come here!" Again Blaze looked at me like I was silly.

I felt like I was on the Cosby Show. "Come here. THAT is there. THIS is here! Come HERE!!!"

So, I eventually ended up crossing the room, chasing him down, and tickling him until he was gasping for air. The playful child that he is, he loved every minute and jumped up asking for more. Then, he called me Mommy by mistake. He does that from time to time. One of the happiest little boys I've had the pleasure of teaching.

It's times like those, when they're laughing like happy children should, that I remember a very important aspect of teaching. Sometimes you have to stop worrying about how they're learning, and start worrying about what they're learning. Of all the concepts they need to absorb in their lifetime, one of the most important is that there are people in this world who love them very much.


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