Decisions. Has anyone else ever spent years weighing the factors of a single choice, afraid of the unknown? You know that this situation you've landed yourself in is the most miserable place in the world, yet you can't bring yourself to escape for fear that it's the only chance you'll have and nothing will ever come after to take it's place?

You finally scrounge up the courage, put one foot in front of the other, and discover that you were completely wrong the entire time. How many of us have spent an eternity living unhappily, then realize out of the blue that there's no way on this green earth that you could be more annoyed and frustrated? So you draw the line. And guess what. There's a world full of options you never even knew existed.

I drew the line in May, and ever since have been wondering what it would be like to run into the cause of all that indecision one more time. What would I say? How would I feel? Would it all come flooding back? Was there a chance I'd be made weak again just by seeing a familiar face?

Nearly four months later (yesterday), I ran into, slam through, and right past all of the trouble that world had caused me for so many years. All the things I thought were for me, were nowhere even close. And you know what? He didn't phase me at all.


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