You know, it interests me to know where my blog is being read across this big wide world. So I'm playing with the idea of making a list of some sort on the sidebar with all the various locations, or perhaps a map of sorts.

I'm using sitemeter to track the location of my visitors. For those who are curious, here's a list so far:

Indianappolis, Indiana; Brooklyn, New York; Bangor, Maine; Toronto, Ontario; Paris, France; Releigh, North Carolina; Madison, Wisconsin; Kendallville, Indiana; Vienna, Virginia; Midvale, Utah; Leesburg, Florida; Eustis, Florida; Denver, Colorado; Potsdam, New York; Saint John, New Brunswick; Las Vegas, Nevada; Manchester, New Hampshire; Austin, Texas; Richmond, Virginia; Fort Riley, Kansas;

Paris! Canada! and the U.S.A.! I am so easy to please.


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