School's been keeping me busy as of late, among other things. I've finally figured out a method that's working with my new set of students, and the last three weeks have been nothing but training.

Unlike last years group, this group is easier to control and manipulate (and that's not meant in a negative way.) They listen, they follow directions, and the parent involvement seems to have gone through the roof. The curriculum is set, and now all I have to do is follow the projected course and all should run smoothly.

The team of teachers I've been assigned that work under me has also changed dramatically since last term. The first of the set (teacher's aid) was removed from the class because of conflicts with the teachers assistant. No more arguing and disrupting Miss Smith's lessons! The teachers assistant took a three week vacation, and then got in a car accident, so she hasn't returned to work. What does this tell me? I work better by myself than I do when forced to work with two other teachers in the room. I've always know this, though. (It comes with being a perfectionist.)

The children seem to handle one teacher in the room better than two or three. When there are multiple adults in the room giving directions it seems to confuse them and cause chaos. They play the "Let's ask all the teachers until one of them lets me do what I want because one of them is bound to say YES" game. I find there's just too much leeway for confusion and error amongst the teachers. It makes for a disorganized, territorial, frustrating work/learning environment.

Today I took all of the children's pictures for a book we're making, and I also managed to teach them to rhyme, do a science experiment making sugar crystals (purple ones at that!), as well as redecorated the classroom windows by painting flowers on them. The children played on the outdoor roof, watched their new favorite Sesame Street video (old school style!), sang songs, you name it.

I love to see them smile.


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