In the last two weeks, I think I've managed to get just about caught up in the movie watching category. Let's make a list, shall we? (In no particular order)

  • Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride ~ Great from an artistic point of view, but the storytelling could use a bit of work.
  • Joss Whedon's Serenity ~ "Do you want to fly this ship?!?" * "Yes." * "Well, ya can't!" Sarcasm doesn't always travel well in text form.
  • Joss Whedon's Firefly ~ I bought the series on DVD after watching Serenity. Again, very dry wit, much sarcasm. There's a fine line between corny and witty, and Firefly walks the line very well.
  • Walk Tall - Yeah I know, this one's been out for a while, but I'm usually behind the times.
  • Lady Killers - Good movie, although I was highly distracted by the company I had while viewing. You'd be better off asking the specific details of said company, as I'd be able to give you a better description of that than the actual movie.
  • Elizabethtown - Contrary to critics beliefs, this is a great movie. Yes, it's chick flick rating is pretty high, but I completely relate to being a "substitute". Those who complain the movie has too many stories to follow may need to step away from the mindless action movies for a moment and watch something that requires actual thought.
I'm sure there were others along the way, but those are the most memorable, all worth checking out. Just trying to spread the love.


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