Well, I seemed to have come down with a sort of 24 hour bug today. It caused me to stay home from work, unfortunately. When I went to the doctor, he advised me that the only cure would be to make a trip into Central Park and enjoy what may well be the last nice day of autumn I'll see for a long time. Who am I to go against doctors orders?

First we have a view of some of the fall foliage appearing on the lower west side of the park. This is near West 61st street and 7th avenue.

Then we have a view of the ice skating rink where I spent two hours of my time this morning. For a grand total of $16 (give or take a quarter) you can ice skate as long as you like (or until you get a blister like I did) for the entire day. That includes skate and locker rental. One of the best parts about the whole ordeal was that it wasn't freezing today, so being outside was refreshing instead of miserable. And no, I didn't fall down. Apparently my lack of grace while walking is erased on the ice, imagine that.

I also found a fountain to take pictures of on my way home. This is near East 61st and 5th avenue.

Leaving Central Park and walking down to 46th street and 5th avenue, I discovered a Barnes and Noble. Thou shalt not pass a B&N without buying at least one book. I was feeling extra devout today, so I bought two. David Eddings' series The Mallorean, which comes in two volumes. It was a good day.


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