The first leg of this three-legged race has been completed. Thursday morning I arrived in Florida with three suitcases stuffed as full as possible. This was done in an attempt to ease the final move just a bit. The less there is left here come December 11th, the better off I'll be. No one's getting a hernia if I can help it.

My brother's wedding was wonderful, and the bride and groom seemingly couldn't be happier if they tried. Family friends and relatives that haven't been seen in years crept out of the woodwork and a good time was had by all. There was music, dancing, humorous advice, children running everywhere, etc. I even watched my parents dance, which is something I've never seen happen in my entire life. Nov. 19th, 2005. Mark it down. The day my mother actually allowed us to take her picture!

Next weekend is the second round of battle. My sister is getting married to her soldier. I'm sure little sister's wedding will be just as beautiful as little brother's.

In other, much less important news, I went to the DMV and picked up my permit Friday morning. I drove all weekend and didn't run into any small children or large dogs. Nor did I cause either of my parents to have a heart attack, which is always a pleasant end to the story.

Best wishes to the brides and grooms! Heaven help us all.


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