Ah. The good life... ?? I think. At least the air is clean in Florida. I open my windows and what do I hear? The wind blowing in the trees. No sirens, no alarms, no car horns. Hell, people here don't even know what the horn on the car is for, and if you do use it, people act as though you've just shouted obscenities about their mother out the car window.

Since returning, I've seen a rat snake that was about three feet long in my backyard, I've put my resume in with the local elementary school, and I've witnessed two old people get into a car accident at Walgreens. I've also begun a bit of Christmas shopping. A gift for my friend Jason was needed, as he did drive 1000 miles in 14 hours or less for me.

I've taken my godson around town to see all the Christmas lights, and we even spotted Christmas dolphins in one yard. Only in Florida, you know. Hopefully, sometime in the near future, I will go car shopping so that I can be independent again. One step at a time though. Patience young grasshopper.

That is all. You are dismissed.


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