I wasn't allergic to smog.

3 1/2 years in NYC and not one time did I sneeze due to pollution, smog, fog, whichever you like. But back in Florida, it's a different story. I have done nothing but sneeze the last two months. I don't usually take medicine because when I do my body/mind reacts much the way it would if I were to drink alcohol. I spend the first few hours in a pleasant haze, and then I crash. Nyquil's the worst, knocking me out for 14 to 18 hours at a time in one dose. Robitussin isn't quite as potent, so it was my drug of choice for this week's allergy battle.

I will admit at one point contemplating drinking the entire bottle just so I could breath easy again. Then I remembered the time when I was three-years-old and I scaled the medicine cabinet to reach the top shelf where mom kept the Liquiprin. Liquiprin is the most wonderful tasting candy cough syrup in the world. (I was always SO sure the liquid would change color Marry Poppin's style when poured into a spoon. It never did.)

Being under the age of ten and of above average IQ, I had no trouble breaking through the child proof lid and downing the whole bottle. Luckily, mom came in and found me just as I took the last sip, and immediately had me in the bathroom drinking a glass full of salt water. I'm sure you can figure out what happens when you drink that much salt water. Yeah. I learned my lesson. Enough said.

Mysterious early childhood phenomenon: Why is it that when children spill something on a table, they insist upon sitting in the chair, watching the liquid run across the table, over the side, and onto their clothes. Is it written somewhere that the idea of standing up or moving out of the way is not to be grasped until the age of seven?? I will never understand.


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