Not bad for a school teacher, eh? I refuse to take on the ordinary elementary school teacher look. You know the one. The vest from the 80's with the costume jewelry. The outfit usually comes fit with at least ten pieces of "flare" (random movie reference ~ thanks Chris) and at least two of those ten must be jeweled lizards.

That's me in my M*A*S*H* shirt. It got plenty of compliments tonight at the carnival. It's my new favorite shirt and if anyone attempts to make any negative comments about it I will hunt you down and put you in time out!

Entertaining school story of the day. We recently had fresh clean sand dumped onto our playground at school. The children love digging in the dirt, so the cleaner the sand the better.

This morning after outside play was done, one of the little girls in my room seemed to be leaving a trail of sand wherever she went. My assistant calls her over and shakes her pants out a bit thinking she just tracked in a small amount of sand. Much to her surprise, when she starts to shake almost a cup full of sand falls from the leg of her jeans. Had she stuffed her pockets full of sand?? Oh no. She's four-years-old and it just wouldn't be that easy.

After further investigation, we discovered that she had in fact filled her underwear completely full of sand using a measuring cup the children use for making mud pies and such. Once we removed most of the sand from her clothes we decided she must have had a good five or six cups down her pants. How she walked from the playground to the classroom with all of that in various uncomfortable places is beyond me.

And I thought sand in the bathing suit was miserable. Talk about chaffing.


Blogger chrsblck said...

the kid wanted to remember the time outside. keeping it in your drawers should be a great reminder!

February 22, 2006 11:01 PM  
Blogger Mammaw said...

eeewwwww! and all those little hiding places were probably still full of sand when she got home. Her mom probably wondered where all the sand in the bath came from!!
Nice picture! I like the shirt even tho you can't see it very well. Reference back to the full shot without the pretty lady in it.

February 23, 2006 10:43 AM  

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