A picture's worth a thousand words... right?

Amy in March 2011

Alex - I jazzed this one up with photoshop the other night... I like it. And that's all that matters.

My dog, Fred. He's a redbone coonhound...

Aslan..... of the fountain. An old fountain that's been turned into a a flower pot at a local building.

I like the lighting in this shot.... so it's here just because.

Up close and personal with a box of crayons.

Alex and I this past weekend... See that look of tired on our faces? It's called taking care of everyone in the aftermath of my mom's stroke. Being the oldest child comes with a price. I'm not complaining... I'd rather be the one run down than my parents. "It's called self worth and sacrifice people" as my husband enjoys saying from time to time.


Random Pictures because I want to....

The baby Madison... my youngest niece.

Me, this last weekend - March 2011

The husband - March 2011 - This is the look I usually get when I'm about to do something stupid.


Beware the Ides of March!