A picture's worth a thousand words... right?

Amy in March 2011

Alex - I jazzed this one up with photoshop the other night... I like it. And that's all that matters.

My dog, Fred. He's a redbone coonhound...

Aslan..... of the fountain. An old fountain that's been turned into a a flower pot at a local building.

I like the lighting in this shot.... so it's here just because.

Up close and personal with a box of crayons.

Alex and I this past weekend... See that look of tired on our faces? It's called taking care of everyone in the aftermath of my mom's stroke. Being the oldest child comes with a price. I'm not complaining... I'd rather be the one run down than my parents. "It's called self worth and sacrifice people" as my husband enjoys saying from time to time.


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