The first day of the 2010/11 school year is in the books. We made it through an entire day of organized chaos without any unforeseen drama, thank heavens.

It seems as though I have four students, as of today, who are in serious need of help. Two of those four told me "No!" several times throughout the day, and one of those I had to pick up and carry to time-out. He spent the next ten minutes screaming a fit until the assistant principal showed up to remove him.

I'm not sure what made him angrier. The fact that I put him in time-out, or the fact that I ignored his screams of anger.

The problem there happens to be that the child is supposed to be in an "Emotional Behavior Disorder" classroom, but the powers that be let the parent choose between a regular ed room or the smaller EBD setting. She choose the regular ed room, of course, and so now the child is completely overwhelmed and out of place. It frustrates me that the best interest of the child isn't considered.

Nothing I can do there but proceed one day at a time and not give in to the dramatic displays. It's a great thing I have the patience of a saint.

In other news, I received the sweetest email from the parent of a past student (last year). She wanted to let me know how her child was doing at her new school, and had this to say:

"As you know the kindergarten teacher is usually the most revered as children grow up and recollect their school years. =o) You are a great one to remember!"

Made my day...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. Was hoping for the "perfect class" this year. It will get better I'm sure....I hope. :) You'll have them shaped up in short order. And yes, it's a great thing that you have patience. What a nice note from the former student's mom. You should have a place to keep all those things so when you're old and retired, you can look at them and smile....because you're not teaching anymore!!! LOL!
Love you!


August 24, 2010 7:53 PM  

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