The scary parent has been banned from the campus for scaring the children and staff. A happy end to the story below.

The new group of little people is slowly but surely shaping up! I'm having to raise my voice less and less each day. I did have an EBD kid climb in the closet this morning because I took pencils away from him. He was beating his crayon box to death and driving me up a tree.

His grand-parental unit forgot to give him the medication he needs, and so he was climbing the walls! Thankfully they rushed to my call and brought medicine within the hour!

If you have children, please be a good parent. Teach your children at home as much as you possibly can, for you are your child's first and most important teacher.

I have one year to teach your child everything you didn't in the first five years of his/her life. I'm a teacher, not a miracle worker, damnit!


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