Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my friends out there who look but never leave comments! If you're not my friend, then you shouldn't be looking! :-P

Here are pictures of the holiday season parties for family to steal away!

Me at Grandmas on Christmas Eve

The husband at my grandmas...

My dad and my youngest neice, Madison

My oldest neice, Lillian

A rare shot of my parents, smiling.

Rian, the middle neice.

Fred, the christmas hound.

Christmas day.

Rian has had a bit too much punch I think. It isn't Christmas until someone's crawling on the table.

Christmas day


Jackets in Florida... crazy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hadn't checked in a while...glad I did. Happy New Year to you and Alex...and Fred. Hope the new year will bring you everything you wish for. Love you!

January 03, 2011 11:12 AM  

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