Over two months since the last post. Really?

I took my students on a field trip to the local grocery store Friday. These trips are always exciting for the students, and a lot of work for the teachers. My class is composed of a vast majority of regular education students, but also a handful of children with special needs. Think, wild animals in a china shop, if you will.

The first thing the children learned about at the store was cake decorating. Of course, a nice woman stood by with a piping tube full of icing and gave each student a taste. Are they not aware what sugar does to five-year-olds?

No less than thirty seconds after the icing was distributed, one of my wonderful students managed to knock over an end cap display full of muffins. He pulled a package of muffins out of the middle, end of story.

Then there was the produce incident. Apparently, you can check the ripeness of watermelons by head butting them. Or so claimed one of my students... who knew?

I also now have a purse full of coupons because children were pulling them out of the automatic dispensers. Why is there no disable feature on those things?

All in all it was a great experience for the children, and that's what school is all about!

Until next time......which may be 3 more months....