Here are some pics from this weeks activities. The kids had a great time, and as a matter of fact, so did I.

Two wonderful little children playing with dinosaur manipulatives. They made a dinosaur parade.

This is a shot of Friday's Slipper Day! We all wore our slippers to school. How cool are we?

Because we had a "Feet Week" this week, we tried to do as many activities and lessons as possible that revolved around using our shoes/feet. Here we see the kids jumping through hoops to get to the playground outside our door. We also had a hopscotch not far from the hoops!

And last but not least, here's proof that it is POSSIBLE to wear out a 4-year-old. He's sound asleep with his arm up the sleeve of his jacket.

Well, it took me a week, but I finally managed to run myself into the ground. I woke up every two hours all week just to look at the clock and see how many hours were left before I could go to work. Dedication? Maybe. Pure enjoyment is closer though. I am thrilled to death with my new work environment. The staff is great, the children are adorable, and all in all, it's just a place you don't mind going to everyday.

Those 3 1/2 years at the school in NYC must have been the dues I had to pay as a new teacher before I was allowed to actually enjoy the profession. Here are a few pics of some of my students. Their names are left out for their protection. Not that very many people read my site, but it is my job to watch over them, after all.


I almost forgot what it was like to be busy. A month and a half off will do that to a person. But those days are over again. No more staying up to 330am reading, and then waking up at 930 or 10am to the sound of the world carrying on about me.

I've been running about like a mad woman finishing up all the paperwork the school board needs in order for me to begin teaching. There was a drug test, fingerprinting, and a mountain of forms that may quite possibly have been higher than the elevation of Florida.

Send transcripts here, and references there, and get this signed three times, spin around backwards and count to 18.382 in at least four foreign languages. I've jumped through the majority of their hoops, however.

The next two days I'll be spending time at the school getting to know my new set of munchkins. I'm going prepared with stickers, stamps, and good behavior awards. They are my weapons of choice, don't ya know!

Look out kiddies, here I come!


Where have you been??? Oh wait, I'm the one who hasn't posted since last year. Here's a rundown of what's been happening in my neck of the woods.

First, I endured the end of the year celebrations. Is it just me, or did Christmas not feel like Christmas this time around? There was a New Years Eve party with the guys. Those always turn out interesting as 99% of the time I'm the only one at the party who isn't drinking. Drunken guitar playing anyone??

The traditional ball was dropped in Times Square. It was surreal seeing it on television, as I've wandered through that location so many times in the last three and a half years. They toasted with whiskey, I toasted with ginger ale. Three people passed out, two turtledoves, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Some of my time was spent with my little sister before she took off for Ft. Drum with her husband. Then there's the whole learning to drive ordeal. Parking a Crown Victoria is no fun, let me tell you.

And let's not forget the job search. The charter school I interviewed with Tuesday called back "unofficially" with good news. Early next week I'll find out officially that I've been hired. The job seems to have all the benefits of being a public school teacher at a regular elementary school, but due to it's charter status it is sprinkled with a dose of freedom many teachers yearn to have.

Rambling complete.