My First Appliance

After watching me drool over this wonderful contraption for a week, Alex decided it was time to teach me that once in a while you have to do something nice for yourself. We made a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday.. two to be exact.

The first trip was to "look around", which in reality was only meant to tempt me with all that anyone could ever want in a kitchen. I'm not a frivolous shopper though, so we left the store gaining nothing more than the half our of free air conditioner use. (In Florida, that's well worth the trip.)

After driving about and visiting other stores for half the day, we ended up back at B.B. & B. By this time, however, I'd listened to Alex lecture on about deserving to spend my hard earned cash on myself once in a while instead of on everyone else. I couldn't argue as I'd been eyeing this most amazing stand mixer forever, and I DO spend a lot of time baking...

To make a long story short... I've made two batches of cookies (recipe 1 and recipe 2) and a Viennese Chocolate Torte for the boys this evening... with my beautiful metallic chrome contraption.

... besides.. I have to be able to keep up with Alton, don't I?

NOTE! Relatives reading this site should be made aware that there are ATTACHMENTS for this appliance, and that my birthday is just around the corner. END NOTE.


I'm going to ignore the fact that I will be required to return to work in a little over two weeks time. Instead, we will talk about Disney World. When you have the heart of a four-year-old, it really can be the most magical place on Earth.

This is a shot of the "Tree of Life" at the Animal Kingdom. If you look closely you can see that artist spent what must have been a very long time carving a variety of animals into the trunk of the tree.

Alex and I are standing on the dock outside the main lobby of our hotel. We stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort near downtown Disney.

Mainstreet at the Magic Kingdom provided us with a lot of entertainment. One of the more exciting moments of the day occured when we ran into the sax quartet. They sounded amazing, of course.

This shot was just too cute to pass up. Dinosaurs DO exist!

It rained on us both days we spent at the park, but there was time for a few shots of blue sky before the afternoon thunderstorms began.

Our hotel was quite large, having numerous buildings for rooms, activity centers, etc. This bridge is one of several that connected the different areas to the main lobby.

What's a trip to Disney without a picture or eight of Cinderella's castle?

This picture was taken at the gates of the Animal Kingdom. This park is one of the smallest of all the Disney parks, but it's the only one with lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

"Where are you?" ... "The happiest place on Earth.".... "You're at McDonalds?!"... "No, Wes. Disney World." Apparently you can't have Disney without McDonalds after all.

This is a picture of one of the street acts we ran into at the Animal Kingdom. The juggling was amazing, but the man standing on the buckets was incredible. I was there, those buckets are not attached to the box, or the planks of wood sandwiched between.

Up close and personal. The most amazing man in all the world.

I can honestly say this was the greatest trip I've ever been on, and I couldn't have be given a more wonderful person to share the experience. The End.


Just because flowers are the best kind in the world. Alex is amazing. End of story.


I keep telling myself I'm going to write up lesson plans, even if just a general idea, for next year. Interestingly enough, that hasn't happened and school's been out for at least five weeks. Quite frankly, I'm not that concerned with the matter. It'll get done... eventually.

Besides, who has time to worry about those tasks when there's a vacation to plan. Alex and I are going away for four days to Disney world. It'll be my first time staying in one of the Disney resorts, as well as my first trip to the Animal Kingdom. The best part about the entire ordeal is that I'll be there with the most amazing man. So very excited.

That is all.