Okay, I believe that after playing with color codes for the last hour, I've had enough blog adjusting for one night.

Today, I tied up a child in the closet of my classroom, after having flipped him upside down and tickled him. I was playing with the children and making them laugh, and a little boy named James, who has an amazing sense of humor for a four year old, runs over and decides he's going to be clever and stand on my shoe. I looked down at him, and he just did the "stare into the sky and act like nothing's happening" routine. So I said, "Excuse me James... you're on my shoe!" to which he grinned, but didn't remove his foot. So I moved, and he moved with me, of course, stepping on my shoe again. Sigh. Seeing that he was in the mood to play games, I said with my most lovingly teacher smile, "James, I'm going to have to beat you up." "Go ahead!" James exclaims. Oh from the mouths of babes.

I quickly reached down, picked him up, flipped him upside down, and proceeded to tickle him until he squealed to be released. I righted him, set him on the floor, and don't you know the little munchkin came right back and stomped on my foot again! Trying to get out of his hyper-active way, I walked to the closet for some art supplies, James following right behind. He slams the closet door shut, and locks us inside. Thank goodness the door unlocks from the inside as well as the outside. James is in big trouble now, because the art supply I went to retrieve was one of those long fuzzy pieces of yarn. You know the type, not very sturdy at all, and very soft to the touch, fluffy even. I grabbed onto his hands, wrapped the yarn around several times (fear not it was very loosely tied) and tied a nice little bow on top. Then I was able to unlock the door and let us both out of the closet. Four year olds are very strong when they want to be.

Giggling and snorting crazily, he walked around for a few minutes saying "Let me out! Undo my hands!" and then finally realized that he could slip his hands right out of the yarn. Needless to say he laughed a lot, had a good time, and was much calmer after the incident. I love children.


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