What's today, anyway?

My Wednesday in a nutshell:

830am: Wake up, eat a bowl of Life cereal, get dressed and ready for work
850am: Leave apartment for work, remembering that I should bring an umbrella, but decide "It' won't rain AGAIN today."
900am: Arrive at work, clock in, grab the roll book and trudge up the stairs to meet and greet my little darlings for the day
905am: Serve up snack to children; pray no one spills grape juice on any clothing
930am: Read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to a more attentive-than-normal group of three four and five year olds; wonder why they're all so quiet and what they might be plotting
1000am: Hand out paint brushes and paper to all of my students, pour paint onto paper plates, and create butterflies buy painting on one side of the paper and folding it in half
1030am: Clean paint off of children, tables, chairs, and floor; make mental note that smocks are a wonderful invention
1040am: Walk class to the park, for an hour of ensuing screaming, chasing, crying, whining fun
1140am: Walk back from the park; Teach children to look both ways before crossing the street
1200pm: Wash several sets of small hands; set tables and serve food for lunch; start to feel like Snow White preparing dinner for the dwarves.
1230pm: Clean tuna salad and corn off of floor, tables, children, etc; Send lunch cart down to the kitchen; drag cots from closet for sleeping purposes
1240pm: Threaten children if they don't lie down and sleep the custodian's dog kept in the utility closet is going to come and eat them!
100pm: Lunch break; Run to the store to buy a granola bar and some fruity health drink; call prospective job offer to see if they've made a decision
130pm: Update all classroom paperwork as quickly and efficiently as possible; muttering to self that I should have updated these a while ago
230pm: Wake children up from their nap; fold sheets and blankets; replace cots in closet; sigh as child informs me that he had an accident on his cot
235pm: Listen to child who wet himself on cot scream in the bathroom as he is angry because we request that he change out of his wet clothes
236pm: Stare at child throwing a tantrum in bathroom because his wet clothes have been changed
237pm: Attempt to calm screaming child to no avail
238pm: Receive call from assistant director, asking if the screaming child is the same as the one that was made to sit in her office before nap time
239pm: Again attempt to calm child; ask what is wrong; listen to child yell even louder as I attempt to calm him
240pm: Walk away from screaming child before I join him in his tantrum throwing episode
245pm: Director walks in after hearing Tyler the Tantrum while using the copy machine; watch as he screams at the top of his lungs at director
250pm: Nod in agreement as director sighs and removes child from classroom to "go for a walk"; telephone Tyler's mother and ask her to come get him
255pm: Welcome Tyler back to class and ask him to put on his shoes; watch as he sits pouting for twenty minutes
300pm: Dish out chicken nuggets and oranges to children; learn of co-workers belated birthday
330pm: Break out more paint and create a cute birthday card for co-worker; press children’s fingerprints onto card; have children sign card; help children who can't write sign card; apply glitter to card; wash paint off of children; wash paint off of teacher
400pm: Send children to tables for afternoon play; watch clock for 430pm to arrive
430pm: Say good night to the children and co-worker; clock out
435pm: Make a trip the grocery store; buy cough medicine; walk home; get caught in afternoon rain storm that wasn't supposed to happen
436pm: Curse because I didn't bring my umbrella
437pm: Stop under apartment overhang and try to dodge the raindrops; wait for rain to slack off
438pm: Finish walk home; fight with key to unlock door; curse key for not working properly
450pm: Call Verizon and complain about a $40 charge on my bill that is not supposed to be there; wait on hold for 10 minutes; curse at Verizon; vow to stop cursing
500pm: Get incorrect charge removed from phone bill; assure representative that she was helpful upon her prompting
510pm: Call mother and talk to family members for two hours using my trusty phone card; assure mother vitamins and medicine are being consumed
610pm: Listen to amusing story about my brother vs. the opossum; weapon of choice against snarling beast: old shovel handle used harpoon style
710pm: Jump in the shower; enjoy first moments of silence all day
745pm: Reheat soup made last night; Attempt to fix garlic toast
800pm: Get lost in eating soup and forget garlic toast in oven
803pm: Remember garlic toast and rush to oven, pulling out two burnt and crusty bricks that may have once been bread
805pm: Spend next hour in living room chatting with roommates
905pm: Get phone call from mother checking up on her sick child; assure her I'm fine; promise again to take vitamins and medicine
1005pm: Spend next hour talking to my best friend Zann; moan and complain with Zann about any and everything that does and does not matter
1105pm: Begin folding pile of laundry on bed; wonder if Zann will fall asleep in the shower
1130pm: Make glass of hot tea with honey to soothe cold; drink tea
1200am: Insert movie in VCR and fall asleep shortly thereafter

And there you have it folks. And to think, I didn't get to run today because of the rain. There's always tomorrow I suppose.


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