It's a shame that people are forced into finding loopholes in the system at their place of work just so they can accomplish what it is they need to do in their lives. I had to draw the line when my employer stated recently that my request to have a vacation (at an inconvenient time for the boss) showed my lack of dedication in the workplace. Lack of dedication. Let’s do the math folks.

I've worked at this community school for almost a year now (Sept 11 will be one year exactly) and I have accumulated 11 sick days (1 per month). Of those 11 sick days, I have used 1. I'm not the type of person who calls out sick just because she doesn't feel like going to work. Hell, I go to work when I'm sick just to prevent any problems that may arise. I take care of the payroll at the center, because the "book keeper" that gets paid to do the job can't figure out how to work Excel. I create all of the flyers, brochures, and invitations that the staff needs. Look at my time cards for heavens sake. I'm always there before my time, never take lunch breaks, leave after my time (never have I been late to work!). Did I mention that between doing all of those tasks, I'm also in charge of 22 children under the age of five for seven and a half hours a day?

Does this sound like a person who's not dedicated? I think not. Going out of your way to please people in the work place can do one of two things depending on the environment. It will either make you invaluable and people will show they appreciate your efforts, or it will cause people to think you're a push-over and allow them to take you for granted. Guilt trips don't work on this Southern Belle. I do my job. Stop complaining and do yours.

I've learned a lot from this life lesson, let me tell you. They say we grow up a little at a time, but to be able to step back, look at the situation, and realize you're learning, that's when things start to make a difference in your life.

Fun FL pics to come in the next week. Stay tuned.


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