I went to Monty's tonight and had a grilled chicken salad. It was very good. I couldn't even finish the small portion. My intent was to go and watch Open Range again, but I decided that seeing it twice in as many days might take away from the magic that I found last night, so I will wait until tomorrow to see it again.

Part of that magic may have been created by my going to the movie by myself. That was a first. There was a freedom in it, but also a vast loneliness that I didn't quite care for at all. Everytime I looked over to express my excitement during a scene, there was no one there to share the moment. What's the point of being happy if no one knows you're happy? I see none.

Why is it that I'm always waiting? Life is a waiting game. Yeah, yeah. Well this game sucks, and I don't want to play anymore.


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