Today's highlights:

1. Pissed off the boss.
2. Figured out how to get the time off work to have my vacation.
3. Had a three year old tell me "I'm not your friend!" after disciplining him for biting another student.
4. Found a troop of ants having a party in my room.
5. Learned that I will spending yet another weekend alone.
6. Searched for and wrote down numerous elementary schools in my neighborhood to continue the job search.
7. Spent another evening with Zanny.
8. Cleaned my room.
9. Did the laundry.
10. Decided I need a new chair, or a new computer desk one. This setup has got to go.

I would write out the entire scenario of the day, but it seems I've told everyone I ran into today, and I'm tired of explaining. I plan on going to see the new Kevin Costner movie that's coming out this weekend. I seem to be biding my time until Lord of the Rings: Return of the King comes out in theaters. December can't get here fast enough.


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