Seeing as how I bought my new camera at Christmas, this blog has recently erupted into a place to display the pictures I've been snapping. I thought it might be fun for those I know to see where I work each day. The first time I got a break to take a picture was when the kids were sleeping... you can't see all of them in the pic. It was a full day, and some of them had to sleep in the hall. Just kidding. No, that's not me at the table in the pic, it's my current teachers assistant, asleep at the wheel. I had 20 students today. 20 out of 21 is above average for my classroom. Naptime is the only moment of the day where I can complete non-child related tasks. Today I spent the time ripping down all of the Christmas decorations that were still up. Nothing gets done when I'm on vacation. Sigh.


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