So my work week started out with a bang. Let's talk about the positive first. I began making holiday cards with my students. I was set about on a project for a friend of a friend. She's in charge of volunteer activities at Camp Pendleton, and asked if I would have my kids make cards for the men and women serving overseas this year.

I wanted to do this last year, but wasn't exactly sure who to send the cards to in order to get the job done. Now I know, and the cards are being made quickly. I only have a week to work with, so we're going to make as many as we can in that short amount of time. So far I've set four classes, including my own, upon the task. Tomorrow I'll ask the older kid's teachers to help out as well. I figure if every child makes one card, I'll have over 100. And I know that my class is going to make more than one a piece, so hopefully we'll have a nice number to send out by Friday.

On a negative note. My teacher's aid (the one I complain about often) has gotten himself into a heap of trouble this time. Today he was accused of stealing one of the children's jackets and carrying it out in a black garbage bag. No one stopped him to check what was in the bag, but when something turns up missing and you're seen being suspicious what do you expect? (Not to mention that he's been caught taking things that don't belong to him before.)

But what annoyed me even more, was the fact that one of my students fell and bumped his head during morning play, and Mr. M didn't inform me. So the scene played out like this. The child's parent came to pick up little N at the end of the day, and saw the bump, which I had not noticed. (All kid's heads have bumps on them, naturally. Unless it's your child and you know the exact layout of his/her head, you're not going to notice anything that isn't absolutely obvious.) N's dad is furious because he wasn't contacted about the accident, and I look stupid because I didn't notice the bump. N's dad complains to the assistant director, and I get the phone call, because I'm the head teacher and it's my responsibility to keep track of these things.

Even though the child claims to have told Mr. M, Mr. M failed to tell me, and thus I had no clue as to what was going on. I'm a very thorough person. When a child gets hurt in my care, I immediately inform the director, the parents, etc etc. They are kids, after all, and accidents will happen. Even when the kid comes in with a bruise or a bang I contact the parent to make sure they're aware of the problem. It just annoys me that this child could have had serious injuries and I would have had no explanation as to why he needed medical attention due to a grown man's idiocy. I even let N go to sleep on his cot this afternoon, which is a big no-no when it comes to head injuries.

I hope Mr. M shows up tomorrow, and I hope that when he does, they fire him. Irresponsibility with children goes around too often these days. We don't need someone else aiding the cause.


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