Want to see what I had to put up with today? All you have to do is look at the list below. If you don't want to know, then don't look, meany!

  • Wake up exhausted from not enough sleep the last several days and make it to work on time

  • Arrive at work to find out that I'll be short-handed (teacher-wise) in my classroom for the second day in a row (not that it really matters, the assistants don't do anything when they're there at any rate.)

  • Feed the children, feed the fish, smell the fish water, gag, clean the fish tank

  • Teach the children, take the children to the gym, feed and clean up after the children again

  • Fix the copy machine, again.

  • Grade homework, fill folders with freshly copied homework, do various other paperwork that no one else seems to be able to figure out how to do.

  • Wake children, put away all of their beds, tie all of their shoes (that's 38 shoe laces), feed them again, clean up after them again

  • Teach children another lesson, dance around the room acting the fool with the children for afternoon play, help children work on their afternoon project

  • Make a trip to the grocery store for milk, cereal, basic necessities (Soda) etc

  • Rush home

  • Put away all groceries

  • Clean entire kitchen, bedroom, bathroom (and the kitchen is a shared duty with my other 5 roommates)

  • Be surprised by mouse living in closet, remember I must remind landlord to kill mouse

  • Take out all recycling and garbage, wonder what is creating funky smell in kitchen, open old fridge door and discover a fridge full of old molded, fermenting, bubbling food and condiments, gag again.

  • Clean out old fridge, spray lots of air freshener, light incense, get burned by incense (way to go grace), shout obscenity when being burned, take out nasty garbage from nasty fridge

  • Sweep and mop apartment, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and hall

  • Take shower and clean myself

Is it Friday yet?


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