Here's a story, pull up a chair and listen. I currently have three cousins that are pregnant. The first baby is due next month, and the other two are still a long ways off. The cousin having the baby next month was the one I was closest with growing up. We were born almost exactly a year apart, but not quite. Our mothers are twin sisters, etc so you can see there would be a bond.

I won't lie. We argued with each other a lot, and hardly ever saw eye to eye. At any rate, (and Stephanie if you're reading this it's going to sound odd) I've had three dreams about not only her, but her unborn child. The first dream occurred before she was willing to admit she was with child. I had made the assumption when I found out she was getting married, and shortly after I got the first premonition if you will. Then there was a second dream, and last night a third. Each time the child has been a bit older, but never older than the infant stage.

The odd thing about this is that the doctor who did her sonogram claims she's having a little boy. (I think we'd all be willing to admit that it was difficult to determine by the look of the picture, who knows what those little wrinkles were). In all three of my dreams, her child has been a little girl. Last night's dream was the most vivid.

I remember that she and I were walking down a street lined with stores and restaurants (maybe Mt. Dora or Little Italy, who knows). She was walking away and turned to say "It's kicking me again." Then we were zapped to my house in Eustis where we were sitting on the couch. She handed me the baby, which I distinctly remember as being not only her child, but a female, and the same child from the previous dreams. It had big chubby cheeks, and a few strands of blond peach fuzz, but not a full head of hair. I remember that the child was young enough, that it had yet to learn how to hold up it's head.

I'm not claiming to be a psychic. But I wanted to jot down the dream here as proof, just in case that kid turns out to be a blond hair, chubby-cheeked girl, instead of the boy for which they're planning. If it does turn out to be a girl, will I have to wear a funny hat, be called Madame Amy, and answer psychic connection telephone calls?


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