I thought I'd put up a few new pictures I've taken over the last few weeks as I've been mostly absent from the site as of late.

My rock star boyfriend informed me yesterday that he'd purchased tickets for us to see Cursive in November!! Also playing at the show will be Jeremy Engik. I am the most excited girl in the world. Why? Because it's my first rock concert ever, and I get to experience it with Alex.

Here are two pictures of the beautiful flowers Alex gave me for my birthday. A dozen of the most beautiful pink roses were delivered to school!

These two are pics of me by my most incredible blue rocketship.

Last but far from least, is a picture of the "Just Beacuse" necklace. Alex is amazing and I am the luckiest girl in the entire world. End of story.


Blogger Mammaw said...

The roses are gorgeous as is the girl. The necklace is lovely too. Sounds like your world is in a happy spin. I'm happy for you.

October 08, 2006 3:23 PM  

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