A twistah! A twistah! We had severe storms here last night, which is usually a summertime occurrence. The weather this year hasn't exactly been the norm, so we should have been on the lookout.

I live directly in between what will be known as "damage area A" on the left and "damage area B" on the right. We're not certain how many tornadoes touched down, but there's talk of F4's in multiple locations. All I have to say is this is not Kansas. Did someone order cows?

It's been one of those weeks, though. I'm blaming it on the moon. I'll be finding a new teaching position for the upcoming school year as the school I'm working at currently is ending their Pre-K program. I have so many tax forms to file that I might consider my chances at tax evasion (just kidding! They owe ME money!) The children were a mess at school this week, completely refusing to cooperate with any request. Finally, the storms brought the week from hell to a screeching halt.

All is well now, however. I'm here with Alex, and all seems right with the world when he's around.

Tonight, those of us in Eustis are thanking our lucky stars we weren't blown over the rainbow.


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