'Tis the season... to be scary.

Alex is dominating the pumpkin pattern creation process with authority in this shot. He is showing the pumpkin who is boss and demanding total compliance from his weapons of choice.

The SFTS symbol in the drawing above is the logo for Alex's band, Sympathy From The Stars.

While patterns are being forged from Alex's pen, my job was to cleanse the filth from within the beast. I had no knife, thus I had to MacGyver my way through the pumpkin using only my bare hands and tube sock.

This pumpkin was no match for the Amazing Grace. How to destroy a pumpkin, 101, was my guide.

Scotch tape just would not do. Here I'm applying the pattern for my pirate ship. RRRRRRRrrrrrrr!!!

All carved up, my pirates sail into the sunset. Don't believe me? Wait until you see it lit.

Alex is hard at work carving his masterpiece. He refused to let me use the chainsaw... again. No power tools for you Grace.

The completed SFTS ship sets sail. Bats and pirates. You can't get any more Halloween-ish.

The lighting. Pumpkins aglow! Creative representation at it's best. It's great to be artists.


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