Well I've had quite the interesting morning. I had to go get a TB test done today (those of us who work with small children or the elderly etc are required to have them once a year.) I've been putting this off for four months now, but it finally caught up with me and today was the day.

What I haven't told you is that I react poorly to immunization for some strange reason. I've come to believe that it's not because I'm afraid of the needle, but possibly just the anxiety I experience from the whole ordeal. I'm not very fond of doctors offices, and have managed to pass out the last three times I've gotten a shot. Yay. You can imagine the stress.

So I went down there today and got my shot after warning the doctor that I tend to pass out after these visits. He told me that if I passed out he was going to take advantage of me, and lord I'm glad I knew he was joking. So he gave me the test, drew an annoying circle with pen around my newly wounded arm, and gave me the don't wash it or scratch it speech. Off I was sent down the hall to hand in my paperwork, and upon arriving I said "I need to sit down." The nurse asked if I was ok, I managed to squeak "Pass out" and I sat down and put my head between my knees.

A few minutes later, feeling better, I stood up to try speaking with her again, reaching the same outcome, and ending up back in the chair assuming the position aforementioned. Finally I managed to stand up and walk out of the office, but with a terrible stomach ache.

The story doesn't end there folks. The doctors office, being about 12 blocks from my house, I had to take the bus. While waiting for the bus, a rather large man on a bicycle attempted to pick me up. After politely declining and pulling my hand away from his (which he wouldn't let go of after shaking hands with me on our meeting) I jumped on the bus and left.

What a day.


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