Well the last two days have been interesting to say the least as far as work is concerned. Yesterday being a holiday, I only had eight of my students attend school, which was fine by me. The low attendance made working on a holiday slightly easier to bear. I did receive a new student yesterday. Her name is Brandy, and she is three years old. Brandy is a little confused, however. Let me explain.

How do I put this without offending anyone? There is very little diversity in my workplace as far as race is concerned. Ok, I am the "little" in the "diversity" in that statement. All of my coworkers and 98% of the children at the center are African American. This is Brooklyn, remember? I, on the other hand, am as white as they come. Now, of course, little Brandy has yet to discern the difference between white, and Spanish. Meaning, because of my skin complexion and the fact that she probably has not been around anyone who has been anything but Spanish, she has tagged me as such, and has come to the conclusion that I speak fluent Spanish.

This had made for several impromptu Spanish lessons the last several days, thanks to the help of Miguel, the custodian. I have learned how to say "sit down" "bathroom" "write your name" "look!" "what is it?" "see you tomorrow" and a variety of other small phrases. I'll have the vocab of a four-year-old Spanish-speaking child in no time at this rate.

I also have a new little girl in my class named Tristan. She, however, is not "little". I'm talking 50lb three-year-old here. Amazingly enough, I've yet to see her eat but one bite of lunch. It makes me wonder what she's eating at home.

In other news. I find dwarves (the Tolkien/R.A.Salvatore type) highly amusing. They are sarcastic, witty, and angry all rolled into one. Quite the dangerous combination, although I can relate to their sarcasm more than I'm willing to admit.


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