It's only the fourth day of autumn, and I've already managed to catch a cold of some sort. This is a watery eyes, runny nose, makes it impossible to breath if you're a nose-breather kind of cold. Great.

I am going to request that my school no longer serve boiled eggs to the children once a week. It looks very nasty when regurgitate by a three year old. Not to mention it's a pain the neck to peel 30 hard boiled eggs in ten minutes when the children can't do it themselves.

The weather here is also beginning to dip down into the 40's and 50's at night. I am not amused. It's not even October yet and it's already getting cold. Then again it snowed on Halloween last year.

I'm full of complaints tonight. I'm allowed. It's Monday.

On a side note, I'm attempting to set up a counter on my page, just so that I may confirm my assumption that only Zann reads the blog anyway. I suppose if I should have any fan, it would be her.


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