Odd are the things I find myself saying when I've had less than 6 hours of sleep. My thoughts are quite random this evening. I've spent most of the last two hours "window shopping" online. Last year (my first winter up north) I didn't have the funds to purchase a fall wardrobe. This year I have a little more wiggle room, but having never bought clothes any warmer than what is required for the two weeks in Florida when it gets chilly, I'm having difficulty deciding what I want. There are so many choices, and so little money.

My new student's name is Omoniyi. Bet you can't say that five times fast. Too many vowels, not enough consonants. Lets try it phonetically. Oh-mow-knee-yee. Hey, at least I can spell it after the first day. He may have to be called "boy" if I have to call out his name quickly for some reason. I'm not sure I can spit out his actual name if I have to stop him from harming himself or another child. "Omonini... Omoyini... Monyonimi.. Yomonini! BOY! Be careful!"


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