While reading my birthday festivities post, I noticed I left out a nasty little tidbit that happened on the return trip through the city. During the traffic jam, a girl jumped out of a cab, dropped her pants, and peed on the Manhattan Bridge. Hey. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. Yuck. I know. I can hear you now. "Some things are better left unsaid." Maybe you're right. Now she's famous, and has joined the club of Manhattan Bridge Pee-ers. (This may be a small club seeing as you’re not allowed to stop on the bridge, unless forced to by such circumstances as those we were experiencing.)

Changing subjects, my mission for the day was to register for a class at the neighboring college. By doing this, I hoped to appease the Brooklyn Bureau of Community Services (my employers) who requires teachers to have a masters degree in early childhood education in order to keep their job. Yes, a masters degree, so that I can continue to work for hardly no pay. Don't ask me.

Upon arriving at work and checking in with my boss, she informed me that because the college accessible to me at this point and time is only an undergraduate school, it would be pointless for me to enroll in a class at St. Joseph's. I already have a bachelor’s degree in Music Ed, why would I want to take a class that wouldn't earn any credits towards my masters? Isn't it funny when everyone else comes to understand what you've been trying to explain for eight months? At any rate, I won't be enrolling in the class, and I won't be in jeopardy of losing my job.

This means that I have six more months to find a job in the public schools somewhere before I lose my mind and take a lot of people with me. Six months is a good amount of time. I pray I'll be able to find something before the sand slips through the hourglass.

Double-edged sword. Due to the fact that I won't be in school this semester, I'll have to begin repaying my student loans. Groan. I guess you can't win them all.


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