Well. After much searching, I came across a store that had what appears to be the exact sweater duster I was hoping to find. Thank goodness. Now, if it gets here and actually fits I’ll be in good shape. It cost a little more than I was hoping to spend, but it was on sale, and I guess for someone who has purchased no more than 5 sweaters her entire life, I did a fairly decent job bargain hunting.

Here you go. The model doesn't look anything like me, but hey, that doesn't matter. Or does it? All I can say is that I hope I pull the look off as well as the model, else I just wasted $40.

This Monday went by without a hitch. Hopefully the rest of the week will flow this smoothly. Summer has come to an end, and today was the day I officially started teaching my new recruits. Today we worked on cutting and pasting. I know that was always a favorite activity of mine when I was in Kindergarten. The assignment worked like this. I gave the children a sheet of paper that had various animals and a little girl on the front. The children were told to cut out the pictures of things that fly, and then paste them on a second sheet.

I discovered that I have three children who have no idea how to cut using scissors. One child even reverted to ripping the pictures off the page as opposed to using the proper tool. The other children's motor skills are average level for their age group. Before I began the exercise I could pinpoint the children who were going to have trouble (the same children who can't hold a pencil or trace a shape), but the activity gives me hard proof to show parents. This way when I say your child needs to work on X,Y, and Z, and they say "Well, my little Johnny doesn't have trouble with that at all!" I can show them the wonderful work (or disastrous as the case may be) that little Johnny has produced, and go from there.

Working with parents is almost as difficult as working with children at times. These days, a lot of parents are still children themselves, but that's a whole different post. Tomorrow is another day. I am in charge of preparing the leaders of the future, and that is not a job to be taken lightly.


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