I am on a roll today, let me tell you. It all began last night when I, having one of those graceful moments, tripped on the phone cord in my room. The result. I ripped the phone from the wall. Way to go Grace!

I called Verizon, who told me that they would charge me $91.00 for the first HALF HOUR and $45.00 every half hour after that. Yeah, no thanks. So then the woman at Verizon told me to call up the order department, have insurance put on my line, and in five to seven days when the order went through they would come out and fix my phone. This route would only cost me $3.95 a month. Blah.

So I showed my roommate and the house's Mr. Fix-it what happened, and he told me to go to Radio Shack, buy a new outlet, and that he'd put it in later tonight. Screw Verizon. After work, I trudged over to Radio Shack on the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic Ave. and picked up the goods.

When I got home and there was no Mr. Fix-it to be found, I decided to install it myself. After a quick cell phone call to my father the electrician in Florida, I had everything up and running again. I'm good.

Also, my Lord of the Rings shirt arrived in the mail today, and it fits like a glove. Now only if my duster would arrive everything would be right with the world of UPS.

I had a child in my class vomit three times today because he was throwing a tantrum after his mother left. I've never seen a kid so angry. It was frightening. The little angel speaks very little English as it is, so when he gets mad he hurls Spanish my direction at about 90mph. I, unfortunately, do not speak Spanish (at least not past what I learned on Sesame Street).

It's quite possible I don't want to know what he's saying, because I'm the one that tells his mother she must leave each morning, as opposed to hanging around the class for 30 minutes making situations worse. Yeah.. I'm glad his head didn't start spinning around. I would have called it quits right then and there.


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