Ambition and drive. That's what it's taken to get me through this day. 19 screaming, complaining, three and four-year-olds, a lot of exercise, and realizing it's only Tuesday will all drain you of any energy in record time. I actually woke up tired this morning. Of course, that is to be expected when I stay up late reading. Who can put down R.A. Salvatore's The Thousand Orcs? I must have my daily dose of Drizzit (or at least until Lord of the Rings - Return of the King is released.)

I now understand what my mother meant when she used to fuss at my siblings and I for not listening. She would claim "You hear what you want to hear, and nothing else!" while we explained we really didn't hear her ask us to let the dog outside during one of our favorite cartoon episodes.

I find myself repeating the same directions many, many times in order to get a response from each child in my classroom. "If you would like a cup of milk, come to the table and get one." I must have said that phrase fifty times this afternoon. Much to my dismay, I was still pelted with "Miss Smith! I want some milk! You didn't bring me any!" Mutter. I'm your teacher, not your slave. Reading, writing, arithmetic. No where in that phrase does it say I must be your maid.

Now I know how mom felt (feels). It's funny the things we forget about when we grow a little older, and how we are reminded of them in the most annoying way possible. Paybacks are hell.


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