Blah. I have a toothache. It's not a typical toothache either, which annoys me. It's the occasional sharp pain on the top set of teeth. It doesn't happen when I chew, it doesn't happen when I drink hot or cold liquids, it happens whenever the hell it feels like it. This makes no sense.

I'd run to the dentist if it was constant pain, or even regular pain, but we're talking about one or two pains every hour or so... sometimes none for hours on end. I'm hoping that it's just my wisdom teeth. Then there's the possibility of cavities. At any rate, I think I'll be making a trip to the dentist soon. Just to get a check up and see what's going on in there. I know they'll make me take out my top wisdom teeth, and I've been avoiding that for four years now. The extraction of the bottom wisdom teeth was a nightmare, and I'm quite afraid of returning to any dentist at all.

I pray the pain goes away by tomorrow and I can just add it to the days of annoying pain my wisdom teeth cause. If not, well then we'll see what I can do about getting down to the dentist next week. Can't mess with your teeth people, especially if you need them to play saxophone with.. loosing teeth is not an option.

Apple picking with the rugrats tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes... my guess is something like this "Are we there yet!?! He took my apple! I can't reach! Pick me up! That's my basket! Leave me alone!" Mutter.


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