By day, I am a preschool teacher.

By night, I am Leila Swiftbow, Half-Drow Ranger, Dungeons and Dragons player. I had a great time at the game yesterday. There was only a small time frame of incessant giggling after three glasses highly caffeinated 7up surged through my veins, but it passed quickly and the game continued. And you all wonder why I don't drink? Look what caffeine does! (Plus all those brownies.. I'm too good a cook for my own good.)

Today I managed to run my four miles or so, (to rid myself of the brownies and caffeine) and now I am pleading with the Marlins to win game 6 of the World Series. I'm not rooting for the Marlins because I lived in Florida for the first 22 years of my life (although that would be a more logical excuse than the my actual reason). I'm rooting for them because the Yankees were absent they day of kindergarten where they taught the children how to share. Give someone else a turn, you brutes!

Last but not least for this evening's rant: I'm discovering that being a long-distance big sister is just as difficult as being a long-distance girlfriend. They each suck in their own special ways. Hang in there Bubba.