Problems problems everywhere.. no one willing to work to find a solution.

In other matters, I had an interesting dream last night. I have no idea what it meant, but I will write what I can remember here, possibly you can help me figure it out.

In the dream I was playing some sort of Halo style video game with two of my high school friends that I haven't seen in ages. Both are trumpet players, and still living in Florida. At any rate, we somehow became part of the game, and before I knew it we were tromping through knee length grass towards a canoe. We finally reached the boat and sat down on it, but it seemed more like a flat piece of wood than anything that would float. Next, one of my friends turned to me, and began placing war paint on my face. He looked at it not seeming to be quite pleased with his work, but we continued on our mission nonetheless. We began floating down this swampy river, with grass and lord only knows what drifting by on either side. I remember several instances where I could feel the bottom of the stream dragging against us, feeling my hands in the water, touching the plantlife in the surrounding area. Eventually we came to a place where we were to fight what I'm assuming were supposed to be Indians, but I've no idea honestly. I woke up shortly there after. No fighting to be seen.

I can tell you it was fun to see those friends again. May 1998 at graduation was the last we knew of each other, although we went to school together for nearly twelve years. It's fun that people don't age in dreams. How they have the same appearance they did the last you saw them, even if years have passed. I suppose in our dreams time doesn't pass quite the same is it does in reality. It's a good thing too. I find comfort in seeing old friends when I'm so far from home.


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