So it's been a few days. But I brought my excuse from home as to why I was absent!

Friday - After working all day, I spent an endless amount of time on public transportation until 230am. Let me explain. I've been visiting NYC off and on for the last four years. Of course, no one really believed me all those times I skipped a few days of classes in college to come up here, simply because I lived in a small town that no one ever leaves. Traveling is unheard of there for the most part. It was time to prove my story.

My college roommate Krissy was visiting NYC with her husband, and we made plans to see each other Friday after work. I went to 53rd St. via the G-A-E trains and picked her up. Then we came back to Brooklyn for some dinner and the amazing Junior's cheesecake. We stopped off at my place for a while, and then I took her back to her hotel. The G train is the worst there is, so I ended up waiting for it for at least twenty minutes before it pulled into the station. By the time I got home I could barely figure out how to brush my teeth, much less write a post on the old blog.

Saturday - Saturday I spent recovering from the late night excursion the day before. I managed to walk downtown and do some window shopping at the Fulton Mall. Afterwards I was off to rent movies from the crappy neighborhood Blockbuster (where the movie I really wanted was out of stock, nothing was alphabetized, and there was no sense of "categories" to their organization). The rest of the night was spent either watching TV, or sleeping.

And here we are at Sunday. I have a few errands to run, (and a video game to buy) which will be told when I return.


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