Today started out well. Work ended well, with tax refund in hand I bounded off to the grocery store, and then home. My arrival home was wonderful too, for the exercise machine I ordered was delivered.

Then disaster hit. I realized that the machine I got, was indeed from the company I cancelled the order from yesterday. If you read yesterday's post, you'll know that after canceling the first order, I made another purchase from a different company for the same item. Of course I call up Walmart, and they tell me the item has already shipped, so I'll have wait until it shows up, refuse the package from UPS, and then they'll re-credited my plastic minus the cost of shipping.

Here's the kicker. Company 2 has yet to charge me for said cancelled order. I'd like to call and ask them what their malfunction is at the current time, but I think I'll wait and see what happens.

In other news: The furnace in my building is broken, and thus we have had no heat all day. It apparently won't be fixed until late tomorrow evening (because our landlords are slumlords) which means I'll have to freeze. Thank God I have an electric blanket else I'd be frozen toast, much like those neat little frozen french toast breakfast meals you can purchase in your grocer's freezer.


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