I know I've been lax in posting lately, my apologizes. Let me give you an update. I've begun serious work towards my first grad school class this weekend. Sure, I did all the reading for the first unit full of assignments, but I kept putting off writing the papers. You see, I enjoy writing, honestly I do, but a lot of times I have trouble getting the ball rolling. It's always that first paragraph that throws me off. If I can get past that I'm in the clear, so in the beginning putting off the assignment always seems more appealing than actually writing the paper and getting it over with.

Once I start writing though, I end up going well over the allotted amount of pages the teacher has given me. I suppose too much is better than not enough, and it's not like they'll ever know after I adjust the font type anyway. What they don't know won't hurt them.

I ended up writing two papers this weekend. The first was entitled "My Orientation to Curriculum" (I'm a conciliator if anyone wants to know). The second paper was about the "Evolving Science of Learning" which basically comes down to the point that we are always learning new ways to learn, and why it's important for teachers to keep up with that information.

The good news is I've completed two of the four assignments in the first unit, and all in all it only took me about two and a half hours to come up with the papers fully typed. The bad news is that there are four units in the course, and each one has about four writing assignments, not to mention a final project.

I've also learned that going to school, after going to work is not as much fun as just going to school. Yes, in college you're exhausted after a hard day of classes (and for some of us 8 hours of rehearsal). But, there's something to be said about going to work all day, putting up with truck loads of senseless garbage, then coming home to write papers. Let's not forget attempting to keep up with the daily exercise plan, and doing all those menial "around the house" chores. Now all I need is a husband and some kids to take care of and I'd be pulling all my hair out handfuls at a time. As much as I want a family, I'm rather glad I've waited until I finish my education. There's only so much a human being can handle at one time. And for those of you out there who keep up with work, school, a husband/wife, kids, exercise, chores, eating, sleeping.... God bless you.


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